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Restoring Degraded Landscapes
Together with Local Communities

Kijani provides training in conservation agroforestry, alternative household energy, and non-timber forest product utilization to enable rural farmers in Kenya to improve their livelihoods, health, and environment. Kijani also runs multi-year trials to test innovative, low-cost solutions to tree establishment. We want our work to inspire you to see that change is achievable.

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We research and test linkages between indigenous trees, agriculture, pastoralism, and soil health and provide trainees with access to tree seedlings for livelihood improvement. We are also running pioneering trials to drive down the cost of tree establishment in Kenya.


Tree planting and livelihood establishment must coexist for sustainable landscape restoration to occur. We are establishing demonstration plots in central, western, and eastern Kenya to enable communities to receive training on our methods first-hand.


We work with organizations that share our vision for landscape restoration in Kenya through tree establishment and can help us to reach more farmers. These include tree-planting networks, the scientific community, and community-based organizations.

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